Unser Alltag (24): It’s „Wicked Wednesday“, guys!

Unser Alltag (24): It’s „Wicked Wednesday“, guys!

When you enter our agency on Wednesdays, you might see some signs that say „Wicked Wednesday“.

In order to stay in practice of speaking English we won’t speak German on Wednesdays anymore, but try to solely speak English throughout the day.

For some colleagues it’s easy, as they speak English on a daily basis to customers and agencies from other countries.

Others, like me, who only take care of German customers, now have the chance to blow the dust away and widen our “hidden” vocabulary by speaking English at least once a week.

Fun fact: When I told some friends about it, I first thought they might be astonished and even irritated about the fact that I now have to talk to my German colleagues in English. But the feedback was very positive. One friend offered to communicate only in English with me on Wednesdays via WhatsApp, to support my “English day”, others replied in English and wished good luck.

I hope that we’ll make it through this first – not really wicked – Wednesday without feeling awkward about it.

And I guess I’ll bear in mind an idea a friend of mine had today: one day a week, where everybody has to speak Bavarian. That would be even more funny, so stay tuned!