About us

Founded in 1990, PR-COM is a consultancy specialized in strategic corporate communications based in Munich. We focus on public relations, social media, marketing communications, digital services, and integrating them into such strategies. The latter is absolutely essential for high-caliber market communications that deliver the desired results.

Our specialized account management teams at PR-COM concentrate on strategy and operational activities. Content is created in all fields and for all target groups by our in-house editing staff. The 35-member team here at PR-COM provides consulting services to a broad group of customers, including global market leaders such as Dell EMC, NTT Security, Red Hat, and Toshiba.


Effective communications require that companies clearly position themselves on the market, though many often have difficulty doing so.

PR-COM has many years of experience in the field of strategic consulting, and the numerous communication strategies developed by our team have been successfully implemented by companies.

This extensive experience, along with the tools and methods we have developed here at PR-COM, provide the foundation that allow us to devise a strategy on positioning, messaging, and wording. Aspects such as company goals, products, and solutions as well as competitors, markets, and other factors are all taken into account in this process.

Wherever possible, all departments and platforms with a direct role in communication – from PR to marketing as well as the company’s website – use the messages which have been formulated. Integration across all areas and fields is essential for high-caliber market and brand communications that deliver the desired results.

Additionally, PR-COM has developed an own project management solution in-house for the entire activity planning and for subsequently tracking success. 


PR-COM has its roots in journalism. Our founder, Alain Blaes, worked for many years as a freelance journalist for the IT and business press. He also served as editor and editor-in-chief at a number of high-tech and IT media companies in Germany. During this time, Alain gained insights into the working practices at PR agencies, after which he made the decision to set up his own agency – one with much higher standards in terms of the quality of strategy, planning, and, above all else, content.

Today, PR-COM is widely recognized as one of the leading PR agencies in the high-tech field in Germany, known for the exceptionally high quality of its work. Customers appreciate the excellent contacts our account managers have with the trade, industry, business, and other media. They speak in glowing terms about our professional consulting services and the success our PR campaigns enjoy on the market. They’re also thoroughly impressed by the work of PR-COM’s in-house editing team, which produces high-quality content for media as well as for marketing and other purposes. The media has also singled PR-COM out for the high quality of the content of the articles it produces.


Social media has become a complementary and indispensable communication tool for all companies, whether they operate in the B2C or B2B space. PR-COM’s in-house social media team takes a strategic approach to developing all social media-related activities. This includes defining goals, selecting channels, developing content, designing campaigns, and providing general social media support services.

The team also provides companies with operational support, which includes defining workflows as well as arranging and creating content for Twitter, Xing, Facebook, and company blogs. PR-COM also works together with a professional video team to provide video content for broadcast on sites like YouTube or Vimeo.

In addition to that, we offer social media training and workshops for executives to provide instruction, for example, on how to set up and maintain their personal Twitter account. This includes dos and don’ts, an introduction to various tools, and support in creating regular content.


PR-COM services offers include end-to-end marketing communication services, with a special focus on strategic consulting, campaign planning, media planning, and cost control. PR-COM provides influencer marketing, direct marketing, and online marketing as well as video content, content delivery, and storytelling services.

Brochures, data sheets, white papers, newsletters, and customer or employee magazines (printed or in electronic format) are also included in the services we offer.


A company’s online strategy is also an essential for creating effective, end-to-end communication. At PR-COM, we work together with our partners to provide companies with pertinent advice during current and new projects and support them in every step of the implementing their strategy.

This process starts with defining goals and carrying out a target group analysis. We then examine which channels are best suited from a strategic perspective and how cross-media communications can be integrated across all relevant media. The needs of the target groups are the primary focus when designing and developing the online project, which is then used to generate content and assign roles.