About us

We do PR for IT and telecommunications. Exclusively.
Others leap before they look. We take the time to think.
Our editorial staff is unique in its expertise. Guaranteed.
Our processes give us more time for clients and the media.
Our clients know the exact status of their projects. At all times.


PR-COM is one of the largest PR agencies in Germany with a 100% ICT specialization. We know the IT and telecommunications industries really well – and not just from the perspective of our desks, but also in practice: we have met over 1,000 ICT managers at their workplaces in German, Austrian and Swiss companies on behalf of our clients, talking to them about their applications, issues, technologies and trends, and reporting the results in detail.

Business processes, business intelligence, managed services, Big Data, UCC, IT security, business continuity, M2M, open source, DLP, ERP, supply chain, the cloud, notebooks, tablets and smartphones – we know information technology and telecommunications like the backs of our hands and from every perspective.


Others leap before they look. We take the time to think. We analyze companies, products and services, study markets and competitors, establish communication goals, define a precise position and clear messages, and only then do we plan operational measures and content for each of our clients.

When it comes to realizing PR and social media professionally and efficiently, there are simply no shortcuts. We use this approach to raise awareness of companies, give them a distinctive profile and make a lasting contribution to their success.


PR-COM has established its own internal editorial staff because we know the importance of presenting the sometimes truly complex issues of IT and telecommunications with clarity. Our writers and editors combine many years of journalism experience with in-depth ICT knowledge. The content they create on behalf of our customers is so good that we even contractually guarantee publication.

Our editorial pros work closely with our account managers, of course – thus giving them the freedom to focus on the essence of PR and communication: strategy development, customer service, planning, organization and media networking.


Our methods, workflows and project management are superior to the traditional approach because we developed them ourselves and mapped them in software. PR-COM can produce project overviews or activity status reports, manage tasks, clippings and contacts, and generate reports or analyses in a matter of seconds. All of our information is stored in a central repository which is accessible from any location – a far cry from the Excel sheets and, indeed, sticky notes of some of our PR competitors.

For us, being a “better agency” also means needing less time for organization and admin work, leaving more for what really matters – client consultation and media support.


PR-COM clients can check the detailed status of all PR and social media work, view publications, and browse their complete project planning at any time in their personal web portals.

Our clients are always in the picture thanks to the complete transparency of our services and budgets. They can sit back and relax, confident in the knowledge that PR-COM is taking care of matters.
And they clearly do: our personnel turnover rate is probably a record low for PR agencies.