Here at PR-COM, our days are spent juggling correspondences between clients and the media for projects that grow in number and size by the day. The fruit of all those emails and phone calls is extremely rewarding, but can sometimes be lost in shuffle of the nextround of correspondences.

That is why we want to introduce a new feature to the PR-COM blog: 3 in 30, a place where we will share three highlights of what we have accomplished in the past thirty days. Through this, we hope we can shed some light on exactly what Public Relations looks like at PR-COM. 

So, without further ado, here’s the 3 in 30 for March: 

  • After coordinating, drafting, and distributing a press release detailing the partnership between our client, Everbridge, and the Information Security Hub of the Munich Airport, we feel safer than ever flying out of one of Europe’s busiest transportation hubs.
  • Realizing that the world of PR is changing faster than ever, we made moves to cultivate our know-how by creating several project teams responsible for developing various tools that will help our agency communicate better than before. With teams dedicated to B2B social media, influencers, and a whitepaper on the current relationship between IT media and Public Relations, future looks pretty bright here.
  • Our editorial staff expanded once again with the addition of Natalie Ziebolz, providing more opportunity for wins like the ones above. Want to learn more about our ever-growing editorial staff? Keep an eye out for a blog coming soon. 
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