Veridos launches eGovernment platform for protecting COVID-19 related documents

23. June 2020

Veridos launches eGovernment platform for protecting COVID-19 related documents

Berlin, 23 June 2020 - In the wake of the current pandemic, governments need smart solutions to safeguard their citizens and to ensure compliance with national crisis approaches. Consequently, Veridos, a world-leading provider of integrated identity solutions, presents its new eGovernment platform, VeriGO®TrueSeal. It allows for secure, convenient, and privacy-friendly digital attestation of sensitive documents that are essential for the management of the COVID-19 situation.

VeriGO®TrueSeal provides an eGovernment based verification process for immunization records, medical certificates, sick leave slips, curfew exemptions, travel permits or access passes to critical infrastructures – all essential documents in light of COVID-19 circumstances. The solution includes a web portal where stakeholders can issue secure, government authorized, and recognized certificates.

Doctors, for example, issue vaccination reports for their patients on the portal. Based on this information, government officials can then provide a digital seal containing a cryptographically strong signature. The recipients, in this scenario the patients, carry the digital seal on their smartphone. The vaccination status can then be verified by simply scanning the digital seal using another mobile device.

The digital seal is verified in combination with a physical or digital identity document via the unique document number. The seal does not contain any personal data and is cryptographically secure. The link to the identity document prevents the illegitimate use of the certificate by another person. Furthermore, aside from being available digitally,  the seal can also be printed out.

VeriGO®TrueSeal can be utilized by governments in various scenarios, for example, by issuing digitally attested access permits to retirement homes to protect those who are at high risk.

“We at Veridos support our government partners in these challenging times wherever we can,” states Andreas Räschmeier, CEO of Veridos GmbH. He continues, “WithVeriGO®TrueSeal, countries prevent the illicit use of relevant documents, engender trust, and offer their citizens security, the latter being of utmost importance today. As this eGovernment solution is built on tried and tested technology, it can be rolled out quickly and is convenient to usefor all stakeholders involved.”


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